J Lazy 3 Cabinetry

From the ground up, it has been your dream. You have planned, saved and sacrificed, and now from all of this effort comes the satisfaction of pride in ownership. Every line, symbol, and detail on the blueprints is coming to life in your new, custom built house. Your spirit is alive within those walls. Let J Lazy 3,Ltd. Handcrafted Cabinetry make your spirit soar! Cabinetry with integrity to match your ideas,... Cabinetry with soul to blend with the spirit within!

Cabinetry once thought of only in the Kitchen, is now blended into the entire house. Bath, Den, Library, Great Room, Bedroom, ...even the Laundry and Storage Rooms can beckon your touch to the wood, crafted and finished with such attention to detail that drawers and doors become one with the cabinet body. Custom Cabinetry that is sensuous. Wood grain that is matched to flow together. Dovetail joints that blend drawer sides with their fronts, Mortise and Tenon joints that let stiles and rails grow into each other, Hand Rubbed Lacquer finishes that invite your caress, call out for your touch.

Each cabinet receives individual attention,... like a piece of fine furniture,... furniture for your house!


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